“You can’t change your beginnings, but you sure can put a nice beautiful ending to the story.”

~Edythe Boone

Long before ‘black lives matter’ became a familiar rallying cry, Edythe Boone embodied that truth as an African American artist, educator, and activist. A New Color follows the indefatigable “Edy” as she changes the world one mural at a time. Having challenged inequality through art for decades, Miss Edy is tested when her nephew Eric Garner dies in police custody.

At 77 years wise Edy is able to motivate people of all ages to follow her lead, using art to voice opposition to common and simplistic assumptions about race and community violence. If you suggest to Edy that she’s slowing down or ought to, she’ll drop to the ground and do 20 pushups to disabuse you of the notion.  A vibrant documentary about a creative life lived against the odds, A New Color pays tribute to the transformative power of art.


View selected scenes from the film:


A NEW COLOR: The Very Public Art of Edythe Boone (3 1/2 minutes) from mo morris on Vimeo.